Things to do in Charlotte NC | Charlotte Art Weekly #14

Things to do in Charlotte NC | Charlotte Art Weekly #14

Charlotte Art Weekly 14th Showcases the Creativity in Charlotte, America

The Harvey has been clouding over the sky of America since few weeks, and before it vanished the Irma has already started giving Tempest situations to the atmosphere of America. But we salute the spirit of Charlotteans who aren’t taking a day off in giving the city a more enriching and creative experience through these events. With hundreds of events happening within a single week, it becomes a dire situation for us to decide on which one to feature on our CAW list. We respect every event and in case if you are a creator and you are willing to get your event featured in the Charlotte Art Weekly, please log in to our website, register and share us the details about your program. We promise to give your events a mileage and make it reach the right audience.


The Charlotte Art Weekly 14th features content that every Charlotte resident should consume in their milieu. This week our creative inspiration has been borrowed from Reed Sarratt a journalist from America who wrote extensively on the topic of school desegregation. Born in Charlotte Sarratt completed his Bachelors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and was the managing editor of The Daily Tar Heel, the in-campus newspaper. He began his career as a journalist in The Blowing Rocket and eventually worked with The Charlotte News, Baltimore Evening Sun, Winston-Salem Journal, and Twin City Sentinel and later became the head of Southern Newspaper Publishers’ Association Foundation and director of the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association. He has edited books on journalism and is honoured by the fraternity through a mention in the North Carolina Journalism Hall of Fame.

Things to do in Charlotte NC

Here are this week’s best of the happenings of Charlotte compiled by Creative Yatra


Dilworth Home Tour


Experience the Charlotte’s best and the oldest home tour. Get friendly with your neighbourhood and locality.

September 15 to September 16, 2017

Dilworth Home Tour

With Tickets ($25-$30)

For more information visit here


John Prine


Listen to the two time Grammy winner songster and lyricist perform live

September 16, 2017

Belk Theater

With Tickets ($60)

For more information visit here


Tawba Walk Arts & Music Festival


A celebration of live music, culinary art, local art and craft and special adventure zone.

September 16, 2017

Cornelius Town Hall & Lawn

Open for all

For more information visit here


Photography and the Art of Seeing Urban Exploration III


Photography learning sessions with experts and a live discussion.

September 16, 2017

Ciel Gallery

Open for all

For more information visit here


Exploring North Carolina During the Great War: WWI Symposium


Discussing with experts on the cause and effects of Great War and Camp Greene with a documentary showcase.

September 17, 2017

Charlotte Museum of History & Hezekiah Alexander Homesite

Open for all

For more information visit here


The Empowerment Authors Showcase


Local authors discuss with literary enthusiasts and aspiring authors about their journey and inspirations.

September 17, 2017

Little Rock Cultural Center

Open for all

For more information visit here


Lego Program


Learn methods of geometry and mathematics through the fun and creative concept of Lego toys

September 18, 2017

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library – Independence Regional Branch

Open for all


One Mic Mondays



Speak your heart out within a given time span with amazing delicacies. An open mic for musicians, poets, storytellers and creators.

September 18 to September 19, 2017

McBonies Bar & Grill

With Tickets ($20-$150)


Museum Day Live!



A walking museum tour with all new local art and craft exhibitions.

September 23, 2017

Mint Museum Uptown

Open for all


A load of things to do in Charlotte NC this week (15th to 21th September)

Illustration: Nilesh Ramani

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