Things to do in Charlotte NC | Charlotte Art Weekly #11


The 11th edition of Charlotte Art Weekly is not only celebrating the amplifying creativity of the citizens but also the solar eclipse of the century, which was visible in the USA. If you have enjoyed the majestic view of the sky this week but were looking at the eclipse without proper precaution similar to President Donald Trump, make sure you get your eyes checked right away! To test your eyes at home just simply open up your nearest screen and log in to, if you aren’t able to read anything go and visit at your nearest optometrist immediately. But if you are fine with everything to go and visit these unusually enriching events happening within the cultural city of Charlotte.

The 11th CAW has borrowed inspiration from the American pianist and music composer Earl Wentz who is renowned for his conception of the American Composer Series within the cabaret genre and being a part of the touring team of Doraine and Ellis. Born in Charlotte, NC Wentz initiated his career as a pianist at the tender age of 12 and by 15 evolved as a recitalist, filmmaker, composer, arranger and teacher. He has guest appearances with famous singers like Nashville, Charleston, Glen Miller and has played at notable venues including the United Nations.

Things to do in Charlotte NC

This week’s best events in Charlotte, North Carolina




Charlotte Comedy Theatre’s team of improvisers is here to make your evenings joyful and cheerful

August 25, 2017

Charlotte Comedy Theater & Training Center

Entry with Tickets ($10)

For more information visit here


Poetry vs. Hip-Hop Charlotte II


Queen Sheba hosts the unique combination of rhymes and hip hop music with prodigy rappers and slam poetry champions

August 25, 2017, to August 26, 2017

Morehead Tavern

Entry with Tickets ($0-$50)

For more information visit here

Literary Fiction Overview with Joyce Turner


Joyce Turner educator and author talks about the journey of fiction, right from the plot’s point of view, scene, details, dialogues to dictions.

August 26, 2017

Center for the Arts

Entry with Tickets ($45)

For more information visit here

Sunday Afternoon in the Park


Come and explore the local heritage in the park with local cuisines, music art and dance under the silhouette of oak trees.

Wilgrove Park

August 27, 2017

Free Entry

For more information visit here

Winston Churchill and the Second World War Tea


Let’s talk history of The Great Britannia during the World War II.

August 27, 2017

Charlotte Museum of History & Hezekiah Alexander Homesite

Free Entry

For more information visit here

Greta Van Fleet w/ Goodbye June


Rock and roll night for metal music lovers!

August 29, 2017

Visulite Theatre

Entry with Tickets ($10-$15)

For more information visit here

A Night with The Charlotte Observer’s Photojournalists


Learn the tactics of journalistic photography from experts, while participating in exciting games and open Q&A sessions.

August 29, 2017

CPCC Pease Auditorium

Entry with Tickets ($10-$15)

For more information visit here

Taste of the Mint | Sketching Craft & Design


Indulge into the world of visual art, while relishing the delicacies of culinary arts. It’s minty time.

August 30, 2017

Mint Museum Uptown at Levine Center for the Arts

Entry with Tickets ($40)


Festival of India


Get involved in the Indianness in the USA through experiencing the Indian arts, traditions, crafts, delicacies and celebrations

September 10, 2017

Belk Theatre

Entry with Tickets

For more information visit here


A load of things to do in Charlotte NC this week (25th to 31st August)

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