Refreshing folk music at Rann Utsav by emerging Indian bands!


Sounds on White Sand musical concert at Rann Utsav is a musical fiesta that invites six emerging Indian bands to blend Indian and world folk music with contemporary tunes.

Left to Right: Nishith Mehta, founder-director of MusicaFest with a representative of Lallooji and Sons

India’s biggest salt plain and probably also one of the largest salt deserts in the world, The Great Rann of Kutch, each year brightens up into a compilation of celebrations with Rann Utsav during the chilly three months of winter. Since 2017, thousands of tourists mobilise at the heart of the white sand desert to witness the indigenous culture, cuisine and hospitality of the region, while staying in the enterprising Tent City from November 1st.

India’s largest district, Kutch, which is home to rare species of birds and animals gives a spectacular moonrise view through its plains. And to amplify the vivacity of the landscape, MusicaFest in association with Lallooji and Sons since last year has been inviting budding musicians of India to give birth to a serene musical culture called Sounds on White Sand – A World Music Festival. The three-day long musical saga in the Tent City, which is a city full of luxurious tents, with all the state of the art facilities in the middle of the desert, attracted thousands of folk and traditional music enthusiasts last year.

During a press conference musician Nishith Mehta, founder-director of MusicaFest announced the exciting line up for the second season of SOWS, which kicks off as soon as the sun goes down on January 25, 2019, and the list includes:


Image source: timesofindia

A five-piece band that revitalises the classic poems and sonnets of legendary composers like Mir Taqi Mir, Ibn-e-Insha, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Sant Kabir and even Shakespeare into their funky tunes. The band draws inspiration from modern legends like The Raghu Dixit Project, Indian Ocean, Neeraj Arya’s Kabir Cafe and even Pink Floyd.

Musica Collaborative – Folk Jam

Image source: Facebook

A group of musicians trying to keep up the tribal tunes of India and the world alive by playing it around. The band features celebrated musicians like Mooralala Marwada, Dipannita Acharya and Hiral Brahmbhatt.

Folk Masti, Mumbai

Folk Masti
Image source: Youtube

A Mumbai based Indie/fusion band that blends folk tunes with contemporary Mumbaikar compositions. The musicians have been featured several times on MTV Indies and were featured in the Sennheiser Top 50 emerging bands list.

Folk Foundation, Kolkata

Image source: justdial

The crew plays unheard tunes from Latin, Afro, Jazz Blues, Rock Reggae and Pop genres to create a sensitivity toward the rapidly diminishing popularity of folk music.

Murshidabadi Project, Murshidabad


Murshidabadi Project
Image source: Youtube

The performers hold a niche in Bangla Qawali, Bangala Folk, Fakiri Gaan and various other Hindi, Urdu and Bengali song types. The band has collaboratively jammed with Japanese musicians and old Qawals of Delhi earlier.

Folk Box, Ahmedabad

Image source: Facebook page

Bringing back the Bhakti movement the band performs devotional music of Charani Sahitya in contemporary style.

Enjoy the soulful renditions of these musicians amidst the dunes of Kutch until January 27, 2019. Achija!

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