Young couple Panthini and Chintan delight with their first combined art show 'MERGE'

This show by artist Mahendra Kadia’s daughter Panthini and her husband Chintan Mevada has decked the gallery at Amdavad Ni Gufa with an astounding range of colours. Though this husband-wife duo lives together, they have distinctive approaches!

Chintan Mevada and Panthini Kadia Mevada at ‘Merge’ art exhibition

MERGE is a colourful merger exhibition by a humble young Ahmedabad-based couple, Chintan Mevada and Panthini Kadia Mevada. Their show kicked off on August 28 in the presence of various art delegates of Ahmedabad, marking the couple’s first time coming together for a collaborative art exhibition. The show houses a total of 40 paintings.

Panthini Kadia Mevada, who is the daughter of Ahmedabad-based artist Mahendra Kadia, and Chintan Mevada, whose father is the Mehsana-based artist Pravin Suthar, married each other 4 years ago. Though both the alumni of Sheth CN College of Fine Arts live together, their artistic approaches are diverse and fresh.

Chintan Mevada's dancing girls on canvas at 'MERGE' art exhibition
Chintan Mevada’s dancing girls on canvas at ‘MERGE’ art exhibition

Chintan has created 19 semi-abstract paintings based on the folk culture of Gujarat. He deploys watercolours on paper and oil and acrylic on canvas to portray dancing women. Brightly coloured spinning figures, with swirling chaniya choli and dark braids, perform the Garba from an intriguing aerial perspective. Chintan also depicts tribal forms and motifs. He often uses the drip technique with a kitta to add detail to his works, and fills a plastic bottle with watercolour, which he then squeezes to apply his paint.

On the other hand, Panthini, who is a drawing teacher in a city school,  has always been fascinated by abstract shapes and forms. At MERGE, she showcases 21 paintings replete with a veritable range of geometric figures. The combination of sharp hues used by Panthini are precise, leaving an indelible impression on the onlooker’s mind.

Panthini Kadia Mevada's geometric paintings at 'Merge' art exhibition
Panthini Kadia Mevada’s geometric paintings at ‘Merge’ art exhibition

The aesthetically delightful MERGE art exhibition will be open for all until Sunday, September 2, at the Herwitz Art Gallery next to Amdavad Ni Gufa. Enjoy it with all your heart and soul!

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