Netflix India launches teaser of its new series 'Baahubali: Before the Beginning' 

After ‘Sacred Games’, the online media streaming giant is now ready to produce a series on the most successful franchise of India – ‘Baahubali’.

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With more than 130 million subscribers worldwide now, Netflix, which has been around in India since 2 years, has been alluring Indian audiences by promising some mind-bending content of late. The recently released 32-second teaser Baahubali: Before the Beginning promises a two-season series that will explore the world of Baahubali further. Based on the novel The Rise of Sivagami by author Anand Neelakantan, the 9-episode long first season will explore the story of Queen Shivagami and the rise of the empire Mahismati.

The collaborative series is being made in association with the production company Arka MediaWorks and movie maker SS Rajamouli. Deva Katta and Praveena Sataru are set to direct the series. The release dates are not known yet. The initiative could be seen as a challenge to Netflix’s counterpart Amazon Prime, which released an animated series called Baahubali: The Lost Legends  last year.

Since its release in 2015, the Baahubali franchise has been a gold mine for its makers, garnering over 47 awards so far. The sequel Baahubali 2  garnered over Rs 1700 crores at the box office alone, making it the second highest-grossing film in India.

With the release of its first Indian production Sacred Games this year, Netflix has already become the hot topic of discussion in B-town. These talks are only set to grow, with the release of Netflix’s upcoming horror miniseries Ghoul on August 24, and The Bard of Blood (2019), which is being produced by Shah Rukh Khan.

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