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Kultura: MICA's Flagship Literature and Music Festival - Creative Yatra

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Kultura: MICA's Flagship Literature and Music Festival

Kultura 2020

Presenting their third edition of Kultura on 22nd February, MICA will turn into a haven for music and literature lovers. With exciting workshops and activities revolving around the two domains, Kultura 2020 is the place to be this weekend.

Established as one of the significant creative campus of the city, MICA is known for its distinct cultural ethos – one that encourages exploration, creativity and original thinking. The students of the institute have in past given the city some incredible events across diverse genres. Kultura is a unique fest that combines Music and Literature to create a throbbing celebration!!

Offering us a 2-day festival of a musical and literary extravaganza, MICA brings Kultura 2020. Kultura aspires to congregate music and literature, two of the most influential and ancient mediums of storytelling, and create a carnival which acts as the ultimate cradle of cultural explosion and exploration.

Kultura 2020

The festival is a collaborative endeavour of MICAStudio7, the music society of MICA and MICALitComm, the literary committee of MICA which works towards broadening students’ understanding of the respective fields.

MICASTUDIO7 curates events, all year round. Some of the popular initiatives are, Verve: live concerts by upcoming artists, Unplugged: performances by MICAns, Karaoke Night and Jam sessions. The idea is to give MICAns a platfrom to nurture their talent and also contribute towards their music appreciation ability. They even have a monthly thematic newsletter called Studio7 Recommends which, as you might’ve guessed, gives track recommendations. How cool is that?!

On the other hand, MICALitComm propagates literature in a manner that it becomes a medium for communal celebration. They conduct events like Dead Poets’ Society: bi-monthly open mic, Dialectica: National level Inter-college debate competition and Comic Making Workshops in collaboration with Comic Con India. The club also publishes monthly editorial titled ‘Black Coffee’.

Kultura 2020

The first Kultura was conducted in 2018 with its principal theme being ‘Synaesthesia’. The second edition revolved around converting the fest into a ‘Revelry’. This year, Kultura’s third edition will take the participants on a ecstatic exploration through ‘Rhapsody’.

Over two days, Kultura will host various exciting events like storytelling & Music workshops, Photography exhibition and competition, Stand-up comedy bits and more. They have presented certain big names of the music and literature industry. Last year’s edition presented a dastangoi performance by Mohammed Sadriwala, writing workshop by Terribly Tiny Tales, along with Nidus Academy of Music and Art’s lessons on guitar playing. This year, they have Megha Rao for the AuthorSpeak and Mahila Manch performing a hilarious stand-up bit.

Kultura 2020

Kultura 2020

While the sun is up, they concentrate on sharing and learning the fathoms of music and literature, by nightfall, they enjoy its fruits. With open mics, jam sessions and a stellar Pro-nite. The previous two editions brought big bands like AsWeKeepSearching, The F16s and When Chai Met Toast to the stage. And this year they have Taba Chake, an exceptional guitarist, playing for their Pro-nite.

When Chai Met Toast performing at Kultura 2019
When Chai Met Toast performing at Kultura 2019

The beautiful MICA campus, situated amidst a greener patch of Ahmedabad, provides the perfect environ for the immersive fest. ‘Kultura’ is the place to be for those who seek to immerse in a lyrical, yet musical, trance. The two-day spectacle starts on February 22, 2020. The events of first day are limited to MICAns, whereas the performances happening on February 23, Sunday is open to all. Tickets are available online


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