In Conversation : Abhishek Jain & Mikhil Musale on winning the 64th National Film Award

Wrong Side Raju wins the 64th National Film Award for ‘Best Gujarati Film’. The highest honour to the craft of film-making in India is the National Awards, and it is a fantastic recognition for the Gujarati Film fraternity. The Gujarati Film Industry is going through a renaissance of sorts, and this recognition, that eluded the fraternity since 4 years, will push forward the cause of popular entertainment in Gujarati language.

Directed by first time film maker Mikhil Musale and Produced by Abhishek Jain – the films plot emanates from the urban theme of ‘Hit and Run’, yet manages to completely turn the concept upside down to give an absolutely thrilling piece of entertaining cinema, an experience that has crossed demographical barriers. Abhishek Jain is credited to bring about this new found interest in film making in Gujarati, ever since his 2012 directorial debut ‘Kevi Rite Jaish’, that was followed up with ‘Bey Yaar’ in 2014, scores of films have been put out, to serve the growing demand of urban audiences.

TeamCY congratulates the team of Wrong Side Raju for receiving the honour. takes pride in their association with the film in capacity of ‘Digital Media Partner’.

In this lively and candid conversation Abhishek Jain and Mikhil Musale talk about their journeys as film makers, their thought process on selecting a theme and their efforts to create international audience for their cinema.

Read full Review of Wrong Side Raju here


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