Gujarat Gaurav Divas to be a grand celebration at Chhota Udepur

gujarat gavrov divas ujavni

Gujarat, a multidimensional state that is flourishing since generations in terms of art, culture, sports, civic development, wildlife, agriculture, industry and countless other aspects. Gujarat is not only a region, but has now turned into a state of mind, where people prosper as one without discrimination of any form. The crowning jewel of India, Gujarat has been proactively achieving global heights by persistently giving birth to achievers in every field. The embryonic Gujarat has a unique feature of getting reinvented every day, whether it is technology or any modern day facet. Gujarat has left its mark flourishingly.  But in the meanwhile it simultaneously never allows its essence of ethnicity to get flown in oblivion.

The sacrifice of every human life for shaping this divine land will always be painstakingly remembered and gratified. And to relive this nostalgic glory of state, the foundation day of Guajart, May 1 is celebrated every year with utmost enthusiasm.  The Sports, Youth & Cultural Activities Department (SYCD), that is proactively giving rural and urban talents an equal opportunity to grow has selected Chhota Udaipur as their destination of celebration for the 56th Foundation day of Gujarat. Chhota Udaipur the 28th district of Gujarat, which is already famous for its mesmerizing heritage sites, is rich for its tribal art, culture and literature. The people of this region have been an asset in terms of sustaining the original essence of tribal Gujarat as well as embracing modern day development. And that is why, this year the foundation day event focues on the theme of ‘A celebration of Tribal Pride & Prosperity in Gatisheel Gujarat’.

We strongly believe that the hosting destination, Chhota Udaipur will give a gilded impression to this extravaganza. Creative Yatra strongly supports the grandeur and life-sized setup of this event that caters an exclusive blend of tribal craftsman, artists, recitalists, musicians and local groups performing altogether. The locals will be part of the play titled ‘Gauravvanto Vanvasi’ which will show the local folklores of Chhota Udaipur in an entertaining manner. The ‘Sthapna Divas’ event will be catered through ultimate audio/visual arrangements, regional food, colossal lightings and goliath stage arrangements. To give this event a reverence feel, the guest of honours will include famous personalities from dynamic fields.

Gujarat is a young state, and youth brings vibrancy in any and everything around us. The whole celebration is conducted with a motto of planting a feeling of pride in Gujarat’s young men, women and children’s heart towards this land. Celebrations like these are believed to give an excellent upliftment to the history of the region. The unparallel and immense traditions of Gujarat’s mystical land are yet to be explored. And it is pleasaant to see cultural celebrations of such nature being hosted by state for its citizens. And we should be really proud to be a part of the world’s fastest growing region.

All the CreativeYatra patrons, should attend this delightful experience of ‘Gauravvanto Vanvasi’ on May 1, 2016 at 06:00 PM at S.N. College Ground, Chhota Udaipur. Artists, photographers and culture connoisseurs this should be a good opportunity to explore the lands of Chhota Udepur and be a part of Gujarat Gaurav Divas celebration.



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