Ganesha Painting on Khakhra Leaves and Handmade Paper

Ganesha Painting on Khakhra Leaves and Handmade Paper
Painting on dried khakhra leaves by Nikesh Dabgar. Leaves are weaved with stick and are treated in a specific manner so it can be painted on it, and also to keep the painted work safe for years

Nikesh Dabgar and Kuldeepak Soni, have exhibited their artworks of ‘Ganesha’ at Hutheesing centre, CEPT university, Ahmedabad. The artworks will be displayed till September 10.

What amazes us is the medium Dabgar has chosen to paint on, which  is ‘Patrara’ (Khakhra leaves weaved with stick). The Amdavadi artist said, “I have painted Lord Ganesha for quite sometime, and my friend and exhibition designer Giriraj Kadia suggested to choose this medium. It was quite a challenge initially, but once you know the art of choosing the right dried leaves, treating them before painting, choose the Ganesha idol to paint and treating the painted leaves again to assure their life-long safety, you can do this with ease.”

Giriraj Kadia shared that he wanted to involve himself in experimental art work.  The age-old tradition of using Patrara as plates in weddings/cultural ceremonies has almost gone away and value of the color, texture, look of khakhra leaves has to be revived someway.

Kuldeepak Soni has his paintings on a handmade paper and acrylic sheet.

All in all this is an interesting experiment to showcase the beloved ‘Ganesha’ in varied art forms.

Ganesha Painting Nikesh Dabgar
Artist Nikesh Dabgar, with his paintings of Lord Ganesha on weaved khakhra leaves, called ‘patrara’
Hutheesing centre
Arist Nikesh Dabgar, curator Giriraj kadia and Artist Kuldeepak Soni at Hutheesing centre.
Kuldeepak Soni painting of Ganesha
Kuldeepak Soni, with his painting of Ganesha on an acrylic sheet and Handmade paper.

Photographs : Aneri Nihalani

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