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CY Decodes – The Invisible Box Challenge

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CY Decodes – The Invisible-Box Challenge

After the Ice Bucket Challenge, Mannequin Challenge and of course, The Plank, the social media is going gaga over the fad of invisible box challenge. The internet is on fire with videos where people first tap on an unseen surface, then take support from one leg on the patted invisible box and take a step over it in the air without being pulled by the gravity. Just go through the video mentioned above for better clarification! Some call it a prank and claim that there is a see-through glass box used in performing this act, whereas some claim it to be a digitally morphed footage but the truth is extensively far- far away from all these allegations.

Graph by explaining body posture of the cheerleader

(Warning: Spoiler Ahead!)

The act isn’t conjuring or trickery but pure physics. The thing is happening, and it all depends on your motion of the body. The girl stood in the air for approximately 0.2 seconds which isn’t extensive but long enough to bewilder the viewers. If you watch the graph mentioning the body positioning of the cheerleader you will notice – First the other foot isn’t moving up and down in comparison to rest of her body. Like a projectile motion, the body looks like dropping in a constant acceleration downwards, but the foot is immovable. We still haven’t figured out the significance of arms position here, but this may be helpful. But on these points, we can derive that the hack lies in the intensity of the jump. The higher you hop, the lengthy you can clutch your foot without moving. Though, the “suspension time” for the jump is correlative to your height’s square root. So to stay still for approximately half a second one needs to jump at the height of 30 centimetres. It’s your height’s centre of mass, and challenging than you’ve thought!

The foot that you are hanging in the air has only one job, “not to move”, which means all the jumping effort has to be done by just one foot. Send your videos to us, and we will promise to roll on the floor while laughing as you fall. Happy hanging!


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