Creativeyatra's FB cover supporting UN slogan of World Environment Day

world environment day

Every year June 5th is celebrated as the World Environment Day (WED) to generate global awareness for protecting nature and planet earth. And every year the United Nations Environment Programme dedicates an individual theme and a relevant slogan for it. On June 5, 2016 Angola is hosting (WED) with the theme of ‘Zero Tolerance for the illegal trade in wildlife’ this year. Wildlife trafficking is a catastrophe for both economy and the ecosystem and that is why Creative Yatra supports this year’s slogan for conservation, ‘Go Wild for Life’.

CreativeYatra’s social media shall showcase a specially designed cover page expressing its solidarity for the UNEP’s initiative. From 5th to 11th of June, the entire week, creative yatra shall keep the cover image bearing UN’s slogan for this years celebration.

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