Contemporary Crafted Gujarat - taking Gujarati creativity in the heart of Delhi

Contemporary Crafted Gujarat

Culture travels, yes it does, just like traditionally the Zoroastrians traveled from Israel to India and mingled like the pinch of sugar in the milk. The fusion of traditional art and contemporary trending culture is one of the most sustainable methods of maintaining fashion, the creativity of artisans and our country’s authentic aesthetics. Team Creative Yatra has experienced one such platform where Delhi’s fashion fusions with Gujarat’s tradition. Formerly know as Indraprastha, Delhi is an uptown for many renowned design heads of India and The Project Cafe in collaboration with the renowned Hauz Khas Social, Delhi will be presenting curated merchandise that varies from soft & delicate, boho chic, easy cool, elegant classic, wanderlust and modern sporty.

The festive will be an amalgamation of Gujarat’s Art, Design, Culinary, Music and Literary skills to enrich the creative minded audience of Delhi. The products would give the brands of Gujarat an outlet to let the Delhites taste the simplicity, yet intuitive functionality of their products. Events like these become a medium through which not only two different cities but also the like-minded beings are connected who were always looking for a channel to communicate people from varied regions.

Contemporary Crafted Gujarat


The team at The Project Cafe tells us some very exciting creators from Ahmedabad are coming on board for this unique event. Likes of House of MG, TDW Furniture, as well as artisans of Patola from Patan, will all come together for this two-day do at Delhi. The event is slated on 19th and 20th of November, 2016 and it promises to be a fantastic export of Gujarati Crafts to Northern India. They are open to proposals from artists and craftsmen to participate in this uniquely curated culture fest. So if you are a maker and wish to break the regional boundary and reach out to the upper crust of capital, this is one exciting opportunity.



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