Competition Warms up at Alpvirama 2016

Alvirama 2016 at NID in Ahmedabad

The Ahmedabad’s most anticipated Short Film Festival is all set to go. The National Institute of Design presents Alpaviram 2016, an Asian Short and Documentary Film Festival which focuses on providing a cross-cultural experience to all participants. The festival is scheduled from October 4, 2016, to October 8, 2016, within the premises of NID itself. The festival is not only about showcasing some of the best fiction and documentary short films rolling over the internet but also to give all the young filmmakers a chance to compete on an international platform. Yes, the Alpavirama 2016 will showcase all the competing films viz. 18 short fiction films and 16 short documentaries, to every spectator and jury member. It’s a great opportunity for the discerning film viewer.

Recently when Alpaviram released a Youtube video reflecting a short glimpse of every competing crop cinema, the spectators noticed immense energy, zeal, diversity and fineness within every film. Filmmakers taking part within the contest are all from under 30 age group and belong to Asian and South Asian Countries like Bangladesh, India, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. This is one of the major reasons why all these movies are able to touch the deepest and the purest form of human emotion. This initiative has helped creativity in moving above boundaries and squall vigorously about its presence. The festivity caters a full 40-course creativity meal for all the movie enthusiasts comprising of faces of different physiognomy, voices with varied elocution, diverse languages, peculiar regional habits, typical cultures and above all heartwarming stories that will satiate every cinema lover. It is a great opportunity for city dwellers to know students coming from renowned educational institutes and try to understand their vision and aesthetic about the society and the world.

While discussing with the Festival Director and the Principal Faculty of Film and Video communication of NID, Mr. Arun Gupta, we realized that within these diversities one may still find similarities and get connected very easily with the flow. Movies like ‘Pottu’ and ‘Anjaan Rastay’ are literally ground shaking and would definitely leave everyone wondering about the essence of human behavior and its habits. Jury Members from across the globe will give their inputs and judge every movie ethically on the basis of artistic excellence, subject matter, plot concept, aesthetic skills, and its context.

The 6 jury members for the festival are:

1) A film professor from Nepal

2) Sonal Dabral, a sensational name in advertisement industry

3) Bishwadeep Chatterjee, National Award winning audiographer

4) Shilpa Das a science and liberal arts professor at NID

5) Parthiv Shah, Delhi-based Graphic Designer

6) Karan Bali, founder of the online filmmaking magazine,


Here,s the full list of the shortlisted films in the Competition section

NID Short Film Festival shortlisted film
‘Dayera’ is not included

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