Celebrating Women's Day with these amazing women creators handpicked by our readers

Celebrating Women's Day with these amazing women creators handpicked by our readers

Women have played a significant role in shaping our society as a whole. But harsh facts like “Only 17% of profiles on Wikipedia are of women” comes like a punch in your throat to make you realize that each one of us has to contribute in balancing out this lopsided reality.

We went out and asked our readers, on our social media channels to share with us stories of women creators whom they think should be recognised. And the response is overwhelming. We are flooded with some amazing mentions, making us realise the depth of creativity that lies in our society, among the womenfolk. All of these women have dared to follow their dreams and have been fearless in doing what they truly believed in.

After a long curatorial procedure, we give you this list of 9 women who have been making a difference in their chosen fields through their remarkable creativity. The adjudication by no means undermines the creativity and efforts of the women who are not in the following list. We say, 3 cheers to all the women creators out there!

(in no particular order)

Aditi Desai (@aditi_jtmf)

Theatre personality and playwright Aditi Desai has immensely contributed in the drama scene of Gujarat through award-winning plays like Kasturba and Akoopar. Her dedication towards mentoring young inquisitive souls in the field of acting and theatre makes her one of the most respectable names in the Gujarati theatre industry.

Janvi Sonaiya (@thejanvi)

Ahmedabad Mirror’s feature journalist Janvi Sonaiya has been informing culture curious readers about the art and creative scenario of the city. Her writing has earned her an enviable reputation at a very young age. Her fearless experiments with artistic expression are applaud-worthy. She extends her contribution beyond journalism, by curating engaging Book Review sessions for the book worms of Ahmedabad.

Priyanka Sharma (@priyanka_0494)

Priyanka Sharma is Senior reporter and Bureau Chief for Republic TV, Gujarat;  her astute reporting has earned her a respectable following. Extremely well informed she can hold viewers engagement on a wide array of topics. And yes, she loves dogs.

Chinar Jethwani (@chinarjethwani)

Artist Chinar Jethwani has been painting, creating and helping people experience joy with art through her workshops. Through this post, we celebrate the artist’s creativity and enthusiasm towards her vocation.

Sonali Dalal (@sonalisdalal)

Her insomniac shutterbug has made her an avid art photographer today. Her picturesque glimpses are aesthetically mature and a delight to view. A woot-woot for this woman creator from CY!

Swathi Kirthyvasan (@swathik26)

Designer and doodler Swathi Kirthyvasan is a playful watercolourist who incessantly illustrates her journey by way of doodles.  Follow her insta page to fill your feed with picturesque drawings and vivid images.

Aanal Savaliya (@aanalsavaliya)

Aanal Savaliya’s journey in becoming a make-up artist of high repute is an inspiring tale. The creative director of Orange The Salon lost her father at an early age, she has toiled her way to live her dream with dignity. Today she is among the popular names among the personal care industry of Ahmedabad.

Richa Dalwani (@thefictiongirl)

The Fiction Girl has made her way to glory in an absolute new way. She used social media to her advantage and brings a fresh take on love, life, beauty and inspiration through her words. Popular among millenials, one can bump into the poetess and author at some cafe in Ahmedabad.

Kritika Khurana (@thatbohogirl)

The Boho Girl is a free soul thinker that talks about fashion and travel on social media. Nominated by Cosmopolitan India in the best travel blog category, the wanderlust fashionista’s motto of living life to the fullest is worth recognizing on this International Women’s Day.

Go out on your Instagrams and follow these supremely talented women creators and add enrichment to your feeds. A special thanks to our audience for tagging these women on our page. You all have made our day!

Here’s wishing a #HappyWomensDay to one and all.

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