Bridal Makeup Competition at BPA

Bridal Makeup Competition at BPA

When abilities met the specially-abled aspirants, waves of creation met the shores of innovation. Blind People’s Association(BPA), Ahmedabad organised a ‘Bridal Make Up’ competition on Wednesday, September 7, where 7 visually challenged girls, 7 partially challenged girls, 14 deaf and mute participants and 5 orthopedically disabled participants engaged beamingly.

Blind People’s Association Ahmedabad organised a ‘Bridal Make Up’ competition

The total 33 girl students from BPA, Apang Manav Mandal, and Andh Kanya Prakash Gruh have already accomplished their one year beautician’s course under Industrial Training Centre (ITC) as part of their vocational training. The course aims to nurture these girls with employable skills which can make them self-sufficient and independent.

BPA Ahmedabad organised a ‘Bridal Make Up’ competition

Enthusiasm was at its peak and everyone within the room was highly spirited. Urvashi Dave, a beautician and owner of Jasmine Beauty care, judged the competition rationally and prizes were honoured to the best makeup artist, in each section of participants. Beautiful souls like Dave and few other salon owners have energetically taken the charge and employed students of these institutes in their salons. “The girls are competitive. Unme Junoon hai, kuch kar dikhane ka. They take this special ability to prove to the world that they are as skilled as everyone else in the industry”, said Dave. She also added, “Girls are so congruent, that many of them even have repeat clients.”

Blind People’s Association organised ‘Bridal Make Up’ competition

When we talk about makeup and beauty care, we immediately visualise a room with shelves piled up with cosmetic and colourful bottles and the beautician seeing and observing its client in the mirror; but imagine adorning someone without seeing them. These brave-brave women have evolved the tactics of literally touching and understanding with the sense of touch and feel on how much makeup to apply.

Bridal Make Up’ competition In Blind People’s Association Ahmedabad

Tilottama Ladhwa, a volunteer of Hope committee at BPA shared that they have been organising such competitions for over a decade now, but it was the first time that visually impaired girls have actively participated.  Each participant was given a ‘beauty kit’ to encourage them and equip them with all basic requirements to either start their own beauty parlour and/or enhance their skills. “Try them, they are skilled, apt and they only need more opportunities and a platform to deliver their brilliance”, said Ladhwa.


Not many people are aware of this fact but, both BPA and Andh Kanya Prakash Gruh, have Salons within their campus. They just need recognition with more walk-ins and campaigns to popularize it. We as a society should encourage these talented beings who every day transform their challenge into creativity.

Kavita Kapoor chief guest of Bridal Make Up’ competition

Kavita Kapoor, Mrs Gujarat 2016, the chief guest of the competition came to encourage the participants, but went back –being encouraged by spirit and skills of these girls. She wrote few fantastic verses and dedicated it to the high-spirited participants. A few lines from her poem,

“I was asked to encourage them,

Seeing them I felt so encouraged…

 They carry a label, of being dis-able,

only to make others more-able… 

All they want is love and not pity,

please never try to make them feel shitty… 

Give them what you have,

And you are sure to get back more.”

Photographs : Aneri Nihalani

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