Asmita 2017 at GLS University – Setting the Stage for the Youth to connect with Culture

GLS University Youth Festival 2017

Asmita 2017 is among the prominent cultural festivals in Ahmedabad to be organized exclusively for the students of GLS University. With the presence of people like acclaimed screenwriter Abhijat Joshi and Gujarat State Lalit Kala Academy Chairman Yogesh Gadhvi, the event is expected to be extremely enriching. From 4th-6th February, 2017, it offers something of interest, drawn from across the creative arts, to everybody.

In this ‘smart’ age, traditional academic systems are increasingly proving insufficient to meet the educational requirements of the youth. It is high time that institutions provide students an experiential education, whereby they can learn by engaging in activities, instead of simply following theoretical textbooks. Today’s age has moved beyond information and strives to achieve a more enriching aspect of it, called knowledge. A cluster of educational institutes here in Ahmedabad are certainly in step with these modern ideologies of education and have brought them into function by organizing GLS University’s Second Youth Festival ‘Asmita 2017’. One of a kind, the celebration delegates a broader perspective towards talent and has something to offer of interest to everybody. It’s an assemblage of visual arts, literature, fashion, performing arts, culinary arts, contemporary music, folk music, crafts and festivity.

We all hail from diverse ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, and cultures. Asmita is all about cultivating individual pride, for yourself. No matter where you hail from or where you sail towards, Asmita strives to bring you closer to your own truest identity. Beyond gender, religion and race, the activities organized as part of this event are meant to empower the youth. Self-pride is a power that works against every odd and Asmita 2017 beamingly looks forward to becoming a powerful generator for such kind of inner pride.

gls samudramanthan
Photo Courtesy : GLS University

The curtains for Asmita 2017 were raised this 31st January through a Gujarati musical theatrical called Samudramanthan. Starring RJ Devaki and Abhinay Banker in the lead and directed by Aditi Desai, the team flawlessly narrated the tale of Gujarat’s first woman sailor at the sets of Thakor Bhai Desai Hall. To know more about the play, check out Creative Yatra’s exclusive review on Samudramanthan. The pre-event activities have already been initiated and the main event will take place from 4th to 6th February, 2017, at the grand campus of GLS University.

Gujarat Law Society is an 88 year old educational trust that has achieved a milestone as an affiliated private university, and is now a cluster of faculties including the Faculty of Design, Faculty of Commerce-SMPIC, Faculty of Computer Application & IT, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Commerce- GLSIC, Faculty of Management- MBA, Faculty of Management- PGDM, Faculty of Business Administration- GLS JP Shah, Faculty of Management- iMBA, Faculty of Computer Application & IT- BCA, Faculty of Computer Technology, Faculty of Computer Application & IT-iMSc IT, Faculty of Computer Application & IT-PGDCA and Faculty of Business Administration- NRBBA. Aspirants and mentors from across these institutions are playing a major role in organizing this cultural festival.

Asmita 2017 is one of the significant cultural festivals in Ahmedabad to be organized exclusively for the youth. With the presence of people like prominent screenwriter Abhijat Joshi and folk singer Yogesh Gadhvi, along with Film Director Shital Shah, the event is expected to be extremely enriching.

We at CreativeYatra are extremely excited to share with our audiences the fervor and enthusiasm of the young students who are participating in close to 30 cultural events spread over the entire Fest! Stay tuned in to Creative Yatra’s coverage of the event and follow the hashtags #CYatGLS and #AsmitaatGLS on social media to see how GenNext are exploring culture!

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