National Award winning actor Arundhati Nag talks to CY about her journey in theatre

Theatre personality Arundhati Nag whose immense contribution to the field of performing arts has resulted in world class performance space ‘Ranga Shankara’ in Bengaluru, was in Ahmedabad to participate in NeeKoee Foundation’s Children Theatre Festival. She’s also a film actor known for her fantastic performances in films like Paa and The Man Who Knew Infinity. Watch the Padma Shri winning personality speak her heart out in this exclusive interview.

Arundhati Nag With Himanshu Nainai

We’ve seen Arundhati Nag weave magic on screen as Vidya Balan’s mother in R. Balki’s Paa and the mother of Ramanujan in Matthew Brown’s The Man Who Knew Infinity. But Nag is a true theatre artist at heart. In 2004, her wish to promote ‘quality theatre’ was realised as she founded Ranga Shankara, a theatre space in Bangalore that hosts plays in over 20 languages at a bare minimum rent, with the promise of “a play a day”. Nag has been honoured with numerous accolades, including the 57th National Award for her performance in Paa, Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 2008 and Padma Shri in 2010.

Nag came to Ahmedabad in the second week of August to discuss the positive impact that theatre has on children, at a panel discussion at the Theatre Festival for Toddlers. The Festival was organised collaboratively between Ranga Shankara and Ahmedabad’s Neekoee Foundation. Listen to Nag talk about her journey in theatre so far in this exclusive interview, as she discusses how Ranga Shankara came into existence.

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