Artist Manish Chavda composes a song of birds

The oil paintings by Manish Chavda are an ode to the beauty and graciousness of nature. The show is poetry on canvas with colours becoming lyrics and the layered forms offering the music. Aptly titled ‘Song of Birds’ , the show is open for viewing at Hutheesing Centre until March 31, 2019. 

Artist Manish Chavda at Song of Birds solo show in Ahmedabad

Each year Jamnagar based artist Manish Chavda spends at least a month in the Himalayan ranges to experience tranquility. He spends his time in meditation and immerses himself in the beauty of nature around. This serenity and beauty, is what defines his work on display at the recently opened ‘Song of Birds’ show at Hutheesing Centre in Ahmedabad. Though it sounds like a recreational pursuit, Chavda is actually preparing and getting inspired for his upcoming artworks while resting in the lap of mother nature. Chavda loves nature and his style is that of a classical realist, however he embodies the work with a soothing energy that makes it both tranquil and vibrant at the same time.

Oil on canvas paintings by Manish Chavda

At his latest exhibition, a collection of 38 paintings, Chavda treats us with a colourful display of layered elements highlighting the presence of avi fauna. The portrayal of kingfisher, peacock, sparrow, butterfly is soothing to the eye and it also reminds us of the existence of this beautiful creatures in our world. The paintings measuring from 1×1 feet to 6×4 feet, offer a blissful viewing experience. Meditative and poetic the work highlights the patience and tranquil nature of the artist. The show has been brought up by Vibhuraj Kapoor, director of Mumbai based art repository Gallery Beyond in association with Hutheesing Centre of Ahmedabad.

The exhibition has been brought by Gallery Beyond at Hutheesing Visual Art Centre

“My solo show has arrived in Ahmedabad after almost a decade,” says Chavda who usually exhibits his work in Mumbai and also sells out well on established online art portals like Archer and Saffron. The lengthy process of painting layers and layers on canvas has been executed with immense dexterity. His choice of colour is fantastic and creates a perfect setting for the exquisite and minutely painted birds. It feels as if they will emerge out of the surface and start fluttering their vivacious wings. This ability of making the viewer indulge in the dream-scape through his poetic paintings is a noteworthy achievement of this fine artist.

On the opening day of his show, Chavda in a tete-a-tete reminisced, “I use to have a few pigeons as pets while I was still 15. And I never consciously realised when my love for those pigeons and birds turned into artistic inspiration. As a child, I loved visiting Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary during winters near my residence and even today the bird gazing passion has not ceased.”

Song of Birds in progress

The show can turn out to be therapeutic for stressed out citizens and deserves a rush-free viewing. The paintings are being offered to collectors at the price range of Rs. 15,000/- to Rs. 2,50,000/- . The display continues at Hutheesing Centre every day from 4 pm to 8 pm until March 31, 2019. Come and enjoy the song of birds, composed by Manish Chavda!

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