Amazing Happenings at Gujarat Literature Festival 2016

Gujarat Literature Festival 2016

Within just 2 days the 4th season of Gujarat Literature Festival is about to initiate and CreativeYatra is extremely excited to bring to you all the updates from this cerebral event. Who should look forward to this celebration, well probably everyone, because this Lit Fest has taken literature from the hard bound books to actual digital drafts, spoken word genre, and a lot more.

Gujrat Literature Festival 2016


Humour is the concurrent theme across many sessions in the season 4 of GLF. The season kicks off with an inaugural debate to discuss the reasons behind the obliteration of humour from contemporary literature and life; this debate shall be led by noted performing artist and writer Sairam Dave. The Lit Fest will have some more humour related discussions with Ashok Dave, Bhagyesh Jha and Ratilal Borisagar, where different types of humour shall be discussed. Further, there is a session that shall spread the laughter gas by bringing up the topic of Demonetisation and Humour.

gujarati literature festival ahmedabad 2016

The second and third day are peppered with facets of humour that show promise of comical as well as intellectual stimulation. Be it Dr. Mukund Mehta’s talk on ‘Why Laughter is the best Medicine‘, or the discussion on the Art of Offending with cartoonist Manjul the Lit Fest is certainly taking humour seriously. Particularly interesting is the session that will remember the celebrated Gujarati Humorist and essayist Jyotindra Dave. Young lit fans who are not exposed to Dave’s body of work should make sure they attend the session. The laughter riot will continue to day three with topics like humour in children’s literature and RX Laughter where humorists who are doctors shall come together on stage to talk about the significance of laughter!


Beyond the theme of humour, the session that has caught everyone’s attention is “Poetry from the Prison‘. Inmates of Sabarmati Jail shall join the fest and present their literary expressions to the audiences. This is a remarkable event and a significant one that exemplifies the role of literature in society, which is to augment the thoughts of community and to enrich the aesthetics of life.

This apart a lot more is on offer at the three-day fest beginning from 16th of December. The event will take place at Kanoria Centre for Arts in Ahmedabad. The event is open and free for all.

For a detailed preview of the event click here.


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