India's First Spoken Sanskrit Centre Is Now in Ahmedabad


Gujarat University has taken a big step towards conserving vernacular languages by establishing India’s first Centre for Spoken Sanskrit, here in Ahmedabad. The Centre will be inaugurated in the presence of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on February 10, 2018.

The institute is preparing to offer a six-month course for aspiring Sanskrit learners. Mentors will deliver discourses for weekend as well as weekday batches. According to various sources, the token fees are not expected to be more than Rs 400. Himanshu Pandya, Vice-Chancellor of Gujarat University, believes that though Sanskrit is respected everywhere, its legacy ought to be nurtured by actually using it within our milieu.

Statistics suggest that, formerly, more than 8 lakh students used to opt for Sanskrit as part of their 10th standard studies, as compared to the dismal number of 1.5 lakh students today. The authorities of Gujarat University also expressed that the number of students studying Sanskrit as part of their Master of Arts programme, has depleted to 33 this year. In light of these facts, the establishment of the Centre for Spoken Sanskrit is a much-needed move to help this ancient language flourish again.

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