Ahmedabad Designers Experiment with Textile Printing at the Solunaris's 'You-nique' Fashion Show


Ahmedabad observed a ‘You-nique’ fashion show on the evening hours of March 23 at a local recreational club, where city-based designers – Digvijay Singh, Dipali Shah, Mehal Desai, Niraj Shah, Mita Manglani, Swati Chopra and Ujjval Shah presented their fashion aesthetics utilising newly developed digital printed fabric. Organized by Solunaris Color Expert Solutions, the company that is promoting the textile printing technology. Solunaris is a daughter concern of Ahmedabad based chemicals manufacturer Jay Chemical Industries Ltd. The elegant women posers walking on the ramp represented apparel collection of seven designers who crafted 70 cloth pieces out of chanderi, soft silk, smooth satin, handloom, khadi and chiffon fabrics exclusively for the show.


The extravaganza was curated by Fashion designer Meeta Manglani and Space Designer Niraj Shah, alongwith Utsav Dholakia who choreographed the show. Sandeep Gupta of Solunaris GmbH further added saying, “the fashion industry of Ahmedabad city is evolving, and we want to help the young designer to make a name through these initiatives.” The presented designs are commercially available for aficionados at MOH and Dipali Shah boutiques for a limited period.

The event was a corporate initiative aimed to create experimentation and engagement with a newly developed technology. All the garments were made from Antelos Digital Printing inks manufactured by Solunaris. The Digital Printing on textiles is a fast growing segment with Asia leading the way. This technology offers new dimension to fashion designers in being able to bring their imagination to life.


Photo courtesy: Event Organisers

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