Advance and scientific Vastu Scanners and Training


A seemingly potent invention is quietly making its impact felt across India. Geo Engineers, a research and engineering firm has came up with a scientific way to measure the ‘Vaastu’ (spatial energy) of any space. A special device, invented by respected nuclear scientist Dr. Mannem Murthy, is capable of efficiently measuring the Geopathic Stress of any space.

Geopathic stress (GS) is when the Earth’s electromagnetic field becomes distorted. The Earth resonates with an electromagnetic frequency of approximately 7.83 Hz (Schumann resonance), which falls within the range of (alpha) human brainwaves.
Underground streams, sewers, water pipes, electricity, tunnels and underground railways, mineral formations and geological faults disturb the natural resonance of the Earth thus creating Geopathic stress.

The scanner, as claimed by the company can gauge the geopathic stress of a space and than help consultants build positive spaces for their clients. Currently they are conducting workshops and programmes across the country to demonstrate the efficacy of the technology. They even train people to use this device and teach them the correct Vastu knowledge.

We at CY shall be closely following the impact of this new technology.


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