18th Annual Motif TTEC Charity Walk : Promoting hope and health

Motif charity walk


Entering its 18th year, Motif TTEC India Charity Walk is back to bring thousands of Amdavadis on the road and march towards attaining a compassionate community and healthier lifestyle. 

What started as a benevolent act to make a valuable contribution to the community, as well as improve people’s physical health, has now become a movement where thousands of Amdavadis walk hand-in-hand towards achieving a common goal – the goal to join TTEC India in supporting social causes. On February 23rd the annual walk will enter its 18th year. Over so many years, the event has moved beyond its stated goals and transformed itself into an annual social where citizens join willfully to celebrate a nice winter morning.


Motif charity walk

Motif charity walk
The 17th Annual Motif Walk. Source: in.bookmyshow.com

An initiative of TTEC India (formerly Motif), the first TTEC India walk took place in 2003 when Parul and Kaushal Mehta, founders of TTEC India, returned from the US after ten years. While living in Silicon Valley and working with leading technology companies like Intel Corp. and Sun Microsystem, the couple were quite fascinated with the community activities that these organisations practised. They worked towards the betterment of society, as well as to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst the employees. By organising 4 km walk, 7.5 km run, which were affiliated with various donation groups, they encouraged their employees to give back to the community in a manner which also benefits them.


Parul Mehta and Kaushal Mehta
Parul Mehta and Kaushal Mehta

Inspired by this idea, Kaushal and Parul were determined to initiate this movement in Ahmedabad as well. They talked with several citizens at parks and malls and tried to motivate them for this noble cause. And with tremendous efforts, they successfully gathered 708 participants which led them to raise 2.79 lacs, a humble but solid foundation was made.

So, how does the walk work?

The way they function is quite simple – each participant (walker) has to register by paying a stipulated fee. TTEC India in turn adds the same amount from its side, and the entire collected sum goes to a pre-announced beneficiary, directly. The founders were clear, to just play the role of facilitator and help people directly connect with various causes and NGOs

The first and foremost step is to select NGOs. TTEC India has a very analytical and transparent manner of choosing the NGOs, which they start as early as July for their walk-in Feb. It includes assessing the legal footprint of NGOs that submit their proposal, scrutinising their founders and activities undertaken at the grass-root level, as well as visiting their facilities to evaluate their quality of commitment. TTEC India makes sure that they do not repeat their donated organisations to make sure that they can contribute justly to all the causes.

Once the NGOs have been selected, TTEC India employees reach out to various public locations in the city such as malls, parks, prominent hangout locations to distribute fliers and inform citizens of the event, benefits of participating and encouraging participation through registration.

TTEC India’s benign act has motivated various other corporates to take part in the event. While they organised their first walk with no sponsors, TTEC India has gathered 257 sponsors in its life-time. Why wouldn’t companies want to back such an event? All sponsor cheques are made directly in the name of the beneficiary NGOs which gives the companies

The Walk


Motif charity walk Road map

The event consists of a 4km walk / 7.5 km run which is entirely organised by TTEC India volunteers. Each participant has to contribute Rs. 300, to which TTEC India matches Rs. 300 for every registered participant (up to Rs. 10 lacs every year). The event turns into a fun-filled walk with refreshments, school bands, cheerleaders all along the route of the walk. Popular among the citizens RJ Dhvanit has also been associated with the walk since years, and he too joins the walkers to entertain and interact with them. The employees of the company present dance performances to add to the cheerful atmosphere.


Motif charity walk
Source: in.bookmyshow.com

Now, in their 18 years, TTEC India’s cumulative impact is phenomenal. Till now they have had 73,000 participants, and have jointly raised up to 7.33 crores which have helped 55 different NGOs. Quite a magnificent feat, we must say, and a worthy addition to the legacy of ‘giving’ for which the corporate of this region has been known for.

CreativeYatra is proud to be the culture media partner for this noble cause, and each year we endeavour to take this message of hope and health to our readers.

Here is how one can register for the walk :

Online on book my show

Walk-in Registrations available at :

1 – Gulmohar Park Mall ( 11 am to 9 pm)

2 – Himalaya Mall (11 am to 9 pm)

3 – TTEC India office: Makarba, off SG Road (10 am to 10 pm)

4 – Inside LD Eng. Main Gate (8 to 10 am & 4 to 6 pm)

5 – CN Sports Academy, Gate 2 (11 am – 6 pm)

6 – Decathlon, SP Ring Road (4 pm to 8 pm)


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