The rise of Youtube artists!

Music rekindles harmony, beauty and stacks of emotions in a living form. It not only affects humans but even animals and trees. The musical revolution started from jukebox to walkman, leading to iPods and its Youtube today.  Youtube revolutionized common platform era, and merged people with music, where everyone has an opportunity to try their chance as a musician or a singer individually. No more one needs a music company to back one’s work. The platform is free and available, and its upto the artist and their work that would lead to audience appreciation. This gave birth to permanent contemporary tribe of Youtube indie artists. Indie music artists have been on a rise, primarily as Youtube gives them an opportunity to reach globally without spending a single penny.


India has tons of Youtube indie performers experimenting with diverse genres. We bring you 5 trending Youtuber Indie artists that caught our attention. (in no particular order)


Maati Baani: 

A trending band on youtube producing music with a unique fusion of classic, rock and existing folk genre in sync with mind blowing vocal chords. Both Nirali and Kartik, band founders are tremendously energetic in their performance and always intend to focus a spotlight on unidentified recitalists from variety of backgrounds across the globe. The band moreover throws a life message on society and individual emotions within their work. A purposeful channel worth subscribing!


Mumbai’s finest:

A group that has gone viral with their tremendous rap genre performance. A group of friends that is now officially introducing their own music video songs on youtbe has turned out to be a sensation. Their mojo of success is reflecting Mumbaikar life and displaying the mundane commuters with a twist of fun and urbanism.


Brodha V:

One of the India’s fastest rapper Brodha V, who is right now a blasting sensation on Youtube as independent rapper, origins from Bengaluru. The rapper has won many accolades and his work is now being recognized by international artists too. The rapper has around 60,000 followers as a social media musician and is trending with his latest song Round Round, wherein he is associated with Bollywood singer Benny Dayal.


  1. SuperWoman (Lilly Singh)

A global name Lily Singh, who has more than 8.5 million followers on youtube is one of the most popular youtuber of the world according to Forbes. She has also proven to be a famous singer through her latest album #Leh, where she appeared with her songs featured with Humble the poet and Sick Kick. Her #Leh initiative is among the most popular hashtag on Social Media. Her songs are usually from the hip-hop genre and have gained more than 1 billion views now.



Born in Chennai grew up in Virginia Vidya Iyer is today one of the favorite artist for youtube viewers. Her fantastic voice is appreciated and supported by many International artists too. Her videos have gained more than 30 million views till 2015 and she can sing in more than 5 different languages. Her mashups and fusions are in the subscribers’ favourite list.


Still there are thousands of Indie artists, who are yet to be explored form the bag of inquisitiveness. Wait till Team Creative Yatra curates some more. Till then enjoy these and get inspired!

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