The Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum in Delhi is now open !

The Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum is now Open to Visitors and we can’t wait to walk in.

Stroll down the Majestic Raisina Hill Residence of India’s First Citizen in probably the most entertaining lessons on History.

Finally, the second phase at the Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum is open for tourists. It gives everyone an opportunity to see the inheritance of the so far presidents of India and the period of freedom movement can be experienced under a single dome. One can also have a look on how one of the world’s biggest presidential houses operates. The overall cost for building India’s only underground museum that hosts state-off-the-art virtual reality presentations came to 80 crore rupees and 19 months of effort. Some part of the museum was unlocked before the complete museum. And the inauguration for the whole premises took place on October 2.

President Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated the museum in Rashtrapati Bhavan back in 2014. The home of the president of India, the complex has always been an icon of architecture that was created by Sir Edwin Lutyens.

Here are the highlights from the Museum Collection:

Gandhi walk

The room gives you an opportunity to stand and see Mahatma Gandhi conversing with Lord Irwin on a screen. The meet prolongs with a virtual reality tour when he start walking out of the Rashtrapati Bhavan towards the House of Viceroy. Make yourself comfortable with Bapu while clicking pictures and greeting with a namaskar.

The Study of the President

A mock-up room of president’s meeting room where he meets the visitors.

Meet the President

What’s more surprising than having tête-à-tête with India’s first citizen. A small cubicle space where one pushes switch on the screen, to showcase a photo of the president and enjoy a one to one discussion with him.

From the Presidents Closet

A behind the closet scene of the president’s personal choice of clothes belongings, and other lifestyle apparatus showcased from separate windows.

The President’s Entourage

An old presidential buggy drawn by a life-size horse. Near it, one can find an old Mercedes-Benz gifted to late prime minister Rajiv Gandhi by the King of Jordan. Gandhi handed over the car to the Rashtrapati Bhavan toshakhana.

An Interactive digital platform using Virtual Reality

Witness rare photographs of the President’s house and the freedom movement. The pieces of history will be lying on a table. Twist them, turn them and visit the past.

Gifting the President

When you are president, you have hundreds of international delegates to greet. And in this part of the museum one can delightfully watch the gifts from across the globe that a president receives.

Built over 1.3 lakh square feet, the museum has been constructed in such a way that the structure preserves the heritage architecture of the Bhavan. A vision that was conceived by Professor Saroj Ghosh, that the president’s museum should include everything that defines the insight about the world’s largest democracy, including captivating relics, and even the nostalgia back in time to touch upon the highlights from of the British Raj.

Cover Graphic: Aniruddha Das

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