The Indus Breakfast

Imagine one fine morning you are leaving for your office and you are absolutely late for it. And with an enhancing cherry on the cake now your car is also almost out of gas, will it start? The same situation goes with your body when you wake up in the morning. Your body is starving for nutrition, because the last meal that you had was hours back, probably your last night dinner. This makes breakfast the most important meal of the day, which everyone is supposed to have like a King. And surprisingly even in this rapid digital age, there are people, who are still enjoying this dawn meal like a feast.

Creative Yatra is on a spree to explore some of India’s best breakfast joints, places, restaurants, markets, wagons, streets or anyplace, which exclusively serves wholesome food in the morning to give your day an energetic head start!

Morning tummy fillers of Ahmedabad: I was talking with my girlfriend at 4:30 in the morning last Sunday, when she suddenly came up with a plan of delighting a breakfast with me right at 5:00 AM. I picked her up and drove on the streets of Ahmedabad just like a breakfast searching Vasco Da Gama.

While driving near Vastrapur Lake I was baffled to see tons and tons of wagons serving Chai, Fafda, Gathiya, Omelets, Poha, Muskabun, Thepla, Khaman, Dhokla, Dalvada, Handva South Indian delicacies, Punjabi Parathas and other authentic Gujarati and non-Gujarati dishes. This engraved a foodie curiosity in me to explore various breakfast joints of Ahmedabad. And then I experienced the same culture at Kankaria Lake, Parimal Garden and various other morning-walk destinations too.

Kolkata Chinese Breakfast Market: Early in the morning 06:00 AM a new breed of Kolkati breakfasters is awake, especially carnivorous. The Territy Bazaar of Kolkata serves you with delicious and life-sized fish and pork momo dumplings, fish soup, prawns papad and even necessary morning product like milk, vegetables, cereals and also clothing accessories. The market is open till 10:00 AM and is run by Chinese immigrants who stay in Kolkata since decades.

Early Delhiite’s delicacies: The capital of India has something for everyone. Since 1875 the Paranthe Wali Gali of Chandni Chowk is serving deep fried Parathas on people’s breakfast dishes. Forget nutrition, this mouth-watering cheat meal is heaven for Parantha lovers. The Old Delhi has something even for nonvegetarian dreamers. Nihari Gosht a historical meat dish which is being served since the age of Mughal Emperor Babur, is totally available for people from morning 06:00 AM onwards.

Sun, Sand, and Sea! Breakfast at Anjuna, Goa: A perfect place to feel the actual hippie movement of 70’s. The Lila Cafe at Anjuna Beach, Goa is an ideal place to enjoy a typical English breakfast with Bacon and Eggs, Mashed Potatoes, Muesli & Cereals along with cow milk, refined coffee, Baguette, German Bread and tons of other food that will adore your taste buds. Started by a German this place is an ideal place to relax and relishes your tummy.

Get natural with Shillong!: 365 days pleasant climatic condition makes Shillong an ideal place to reside. The capital of Meghalaya is really colourful when it comes to breakfast. As people usually start their day with high fibre big red strawberries, auburn and charcoal coloured mulberries, pink shoshangs, green sohphie berries, pale pineapples and tiny yellow bananas. People stay quiet close with nature here and due to the abundance of rain, the place is ideally fertile for growing berries and fruits. But if you are a hardcore eater and need something with a human touch preparation, then they do have Thukpa (veg/nonveg clear soup), Jadoh (rice, meat & curry) and Jhur kleh (mix vegetable dish) to serve you with a high protein meal for an energetic day.

The salty tea of Srinagar: The Jannat (heaven) of India, Srinagar, which is the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, has a very eccentric type of tea and bread to satisfy the early morning belly. The saffron people of Srinagar enjoy a superb combination of tea made from the premium tea leaves and an additional taste enhancer, salt. The salt helps in compressing the acidic property of the milk, making tea a very healthy morning drink. The Kashmiri bread (Czot) which is enjoyed along with tea can literally mesmerize any gourmand with its sweet aroma of melting butter and smoky flavour of tandoor (Indian Oven).

Pondicherry / Puducherry Breakfast: The union territory of India has a lot to serve on your breakfast plates. Pondicherry being a coastal region of southern India is abundant with coconuts, which is why people cook in coconut oil here. The place was dominant by French colonies earlier and so their food has an intense influence of French Breakfast recipes. French bread, Rolls, Muffins, Éclairs, Croissant, Wine (not in breakfast) and various other bon appétit things are served early in the morning here. The street food of Pondicherry will happily serve you with some mouth watery fresh seafood during the sunrise time. And if you are really an adventurous foodie, you may try going for Vietnamese Breakfast over here at Romain Rolland Street in Puducherry.

The growling stomachs of Allahabad: The sacred Triveni Sangam land of Allahabad is rich with flavours and taste. The famous Loknath Gali is historically renowned as the gathering spot for the early freedom fighters of India. And of course, it is also the real breakfast hub of Allahabad, where the dawn comes with some delightful Dahiwadas, Chaat, Kulfi Faludas, Jalebis and Bhang Thandai. The most loveable takeaway meal over here is the Masala Samosa served with green coriander Chutney, tangy tamarind Chutney and spicy red chilly Chutney. This place is an actual spot to experience the Gup-shup and the original ‘Ilahbadi Ronak’.

Breakfasts are actually important, as Mr. Robert Heinlein clearly suggested, “One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast”. And with Creative Yatra we will make sure to keep your mind full of enrichment even when your bellies are grumbling.


Cover Graphic : Hasmukh Makwana

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