Prisma: Turning Photos into Masterpieces and How!

If only VanGogh or Chagall could paint your picture. Now, in Prisma, they can.

I am always the one, who is troubled by the pressure of clicking a good photograph. This further increases anxiety when I am putting something out on my Instagram Diary. That perfect shot (if I may manage it somehow) comes after a compulsive and successive clicking of 8 shots (on an average) of the same thing from the same angle. Obviously, Instagram had filters that made anything look great, but then again #nofilter was always respectable – such horns of the dilemma. And then came along Prisma and honestly I hadn’t paid attention till Alia Bhatt put out that gorgeous shot with Shahrukh Khan and I thought in my head “That makes a brilliant poster!” And there it was all over my home feed, on everybody’s Instagram and it just made one wow(pun intended) to its amazing possibilities.

But what made Prisma the flavor of the season and the toast of the photo-blogger? Most mobile photo-editing application help you to edit snaps through a inbuilt filters and add the old-timer sepia shade, a stroke of contrast or a shading vignette. Prisma did a thing absolutely discrete. The application allowed you to take an image and then break it down to create something absolutely new and stunning! The end result was an Artist’ masterpiece, carefully and passionately brushed onto a canvas. The Prisma app redecorates an original glimpse from zero with the help of AI or Artificial Intelligence. So wait is it still a photograph? Well Yes and No. Yes because it is still pixels and No because it is a complete reproduction of your photograph made from scratch by the interface. The trick in the hat is that Prisma’s supposed neural networks have been trained to imitate a diverse range of art and painting styles across times. It can transform your everyday landscape photos, pouting selfies or even your obsession with your puppy into nothing short of a spectacle.

The Prisma Mobile app is simple to use, has multiple options and impressive outputs. I for example almost like every style that Prisma had to offer and tried, as many filters on a single image before settling on the one I like the best. (Hint: Impressionism). Well, but the options are far too many – you can go for the Picasso styled Cubism or for Monet’s Impressionism; there is the Japanese brush and ink or the Manga comics inspired magic. All one needs to do is dial through the available special effects and select one with a tap.

To use Prisma app, you either click a photo using the built-in camera controls or choose an image from your photo gallery. Prisma’s A.I. algorithms are based on open-source code that the company’s team has improved upon so that it works much faster. The app sends your photo to the company’s servers, where your image is reworked in a few seconds and then sent back to the app, where you can see the results.

Need we answer “Why everyone is crazy for Prisma, the app that turns photos into works of art?

Cover Graphic: Aniruddha Das


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