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Himalayan Stories in Books

Older than the oldest grandfather, The Himalayan range has always been mystical and homage to serenity. There is something about the mountains that is being able to turn people inwards. Attracting wanderlusts, sages and seekers since decades, its mesmerizing beauty can be deceiving and even deadly if one tries to conquer without caution. But as an inspiration the mountain peak has helped in crafting some of the history’s most excellent literary till date.  To expand the enrichment here is a list of Himalaya inspired books that describe some of the most stunning mountain stories till date :


Truth : The Art of the Mystics by Bharat Thakur

A yogi who lived in Himalayas for more than 10 years and learnt Yoga, Tantra, Mantra, Sufism, Jainism, Buddhism, Ayurveda from different Gurus has produced this excellent collection of verses. Less complex words, easy metaphors and kickass punch lines, Bharat Thakur has excellently explained life, yoga and circumstances while selecting every word carefully. A book which you may be able to read within 2 hours may leave a lifelong impression on your mind.


Driving Holidays in the Himalayas: Himachal by Koko Singh

Koko Singh a mountain enthusiast, who has been travelling since more than 25 years now has gifted people a series of masterpiece travelogues. His Driving Holidays series includes places like Uttarakhand, Uttaranchal, Ladakh, Sikkim and various other North and North East India destinations. Himachal is one such tributary of his series in which his beautiful photography and description are rigorously detailed, and he carefully describes every minute detail of the place, people, food, weather, culture and everything that a traveller must know.


Born again on the Mountain by Arunima Sinha

Previously a National-level volleyball player Arunima Sinha was pushed off from an ongoing train by goons. The accident cost the 24 year old her left leg and sporting career but this didn’t deter her. Two years later she retrained as a mountaineer and became the first female amputee to scale Mt. Everest. This is her unforgettable story.


Seven Years in Tibet by Heinrich Harrer

An explorer, mountaineer and exquisite personality Heinrich Harrer was a trusted confidant and now a close friend to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. During an excursion to India, Heinrich was exiled by the British authorities in the ongoing World War II invasion. An escape from India and in search of freedom Heinrich crosses the freezing Himalayas and enters the untouched land of Tibet, where he encounters generous warm hearted beings and their hospitality. His book describes the Chinese invasion on Tibet and untold childhood incidents of His Holiness. If you lure travelling, adventure, history and culture, than you must grab a copy of your own.


The Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen

A walk out of the modern world into the liberating, calming and cold White Mountains, The Snow Leopard is the story about Peter’s exploring journey towards Nepal to study Himalayan blue sheep, and possibly, to glimpse the rare, beautiful and elusive snow leopard. The novel is fascinating enough to make its reader imagine the Himalayan village right in front of their eyes. A radiant and deeply moving account of a true pilgrimage, a journey of the heart.


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