Google launches new app for art lovers in India and we are totally Loving it!

Google has launched an Art and Culture app for Android and a website. The platform covers different aspects of art and culture, history and wonders of the world and allows you to take virtual tours of famed sites, which will be best experienced with a Google cardboard. CY reviews….

Search engine giant Google recently released most modern “Arts & Culture” app along with a website that leaves us in a wanderlust of Art. Google with this ‘Arts and Culture’ initiative intends to bring people closer to art, culture, history and wonders. The Application features virtual tours of the ancient monuments, interactive content and detailed insight about the popular artworks across the world. The Application enables art lovers in India and across the globe to also discover famous works and artifacts from several museums from more than seventy nations. The app is available for all android and iOS platforms, provides consumers a chance to look for everything relevant to art and culture for an instance the older times of newly announced World Heritage Site Nalanda University in Bihar to panoramic images of its extraction. The Google Arts and Culture app has three tabs for Art, History and Wonders. The three categories have their own sub-groups, which are listed as featured content. You know what’s cooler? It also shows you content on events that happened on that very dayand the highlight feature – the virtual tour. The app has a menu option on the top left which lists options for artists, mediums, art movements, historical events and more. It also allow you to steer throughout the artworks also in a way tracing a journey or a story like that of renowned artist Amrita Sher-Gil’s and the change in her palette through her trips of India and Europe.

The app explores art through ages and you can find the artworks of the most renowned painters like Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet. The content covers the profile of the artist with a list of all their artwork. What’s even better is that you can search by choosing a color that you like or even through a time stamp.Google uses its 360-degree panoramic view for its virtual reality and you can use the Google Cardboard to get the best viewing experience.The virtual tour that we checked out was of Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and we got an amazing dreamlike view of the museum. Google has partnered with various museums, art galleries, historical foundations and parks and also the locations themselves to bring this experience to Smartphones.The app caters to the wonders of the world and as many people know now that there are so many beautiful places and sites that it cannot be listed to just the seven wonders of the world.

Making India’s prosperous artistic heritage come alive, the VR headset Google Cardboard provides viewers a chance to take a virtual excursion of the Sanskriti Museum, made in 1978 which is a residence to one of the biggest collections of Indian art and craft.The sections of history cover historical events occurred throughout centuries with historical figures, iconic images and mystery objects. You can search for events of your choice as they cover not just the famous ones but some lesser known ones as well. It covers cultural heritage as well like the one we found was the KumbhMela and the Hindu pilgrimage on the Ganges.

The registered users can simultaneously subscribe to the brand new Google Arts and Culture YouTube channel where they can search innovative stuff devoted to culture hosted by the YouTube community.

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