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Five Mobile Phone Games Every Creative Person Ought to Play

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Five Mobile Phone Games Every Creative Person Ought to Play

While games are a surefire stress-busting recreational choice, who knew that they can also awaken the creativity in you! Come, find out which games to download to get the creative juices flowing.

From the crude and basicSnake to the thrilling Temple Run, mobile games have come a long way in the recent past. These days, it has become easy to download games across any genre you like. You can search for hundreds of games on Google Play or Apple Store. Not all games are action or adventure-packed though. Some games are specially meant for people with creative minds. Here are five mobile phone games that every creative person ought to have on his/her phone:

The Sims


In The Sims, you can live a virtual life by creating your own avatar. Dress him or her the way you like and get a job that interests you. Developed by Electronic Arts (EA), The Sims has been one of the most popular PC games since its release in the year 2000. It has now been launched for the first time as a mobile game in March 2018. Decorate your house and practice the art of relationships with the various other Sims in the game. What’s more? You can also design the whole town the way you like. So use your creativity to make your Sims world better than any real-life town you know. It is a free game available on Google Play and Apple Store.


Source: armor-games

Colorzzle by Darong Studios is, as its name suggests, a colour puzzle game. In it, you have to mix and match colours in order to grow trees and flowers. The creativity is in the mixing and a true artist can easily guess which colour goes with which other colour. A level is complete once all the plants have grown. The game may sound easy but it gets difficult as the levels progress. An extremely entertaining game that fuels brainstorming, you can find it on Google Play for free, or pay to get it from Apple Store.

Impossible Draw

Source: itunes-apple

Impossible Draw uses colours, shapes and music to create a vivid playing space, in which you have to draw symbols to progress to the next level. Don’t think it’s easy though! You have to make the symbols as perfect as they can be while following a time constraint. Only a creative hand can make them perfect, within the given time! The serene and calm environment of the game makes it addictive, and a must-have on your phone. The game has been developed by isTomGames. It is a free game and can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store.

Thimbleweed Park


Are you a fan of Sherlock Holmes and other detective fiction? Then why not be a detective! Thimbleweed Park by Terrible Toybox, Inc. is a horror/thriller game in which you can be an investigator who solves murder mysteries in and around the city. Use your intelligence and creativity to solve the clues along your path and catch the culprit behind the crime. Thimbleweed Park is a paid game that costs Rs. 65 and can be found on Google Play and Apple Store.


homescapes, forpressrelease
Source: Forpressrelease

Developed by Playrix Games, Homescapes is a game in which you can revamp an old mansion to give it a new look. Use your creativity to make the mansion look extraordinary by using various tools and creative items. Another game called Gardenscapes is very similar to Homescapes but with the theme of decorating a garden, instead. Homescapes is a free game on Google Play and Apple Store.

Fashion Empire

Source: Google Play

If fashion and styling are your things then you should definitely try your hands on this game. Created by Frenzoo, Fashion Empire is meant for girls, kids and adults alike. Explore your fashionable side as you create a fashion empire of your own. In the game, you own a boutique and have to really witty to run your business. Unlock various new outfits, recruit the perfect staff and expand your business to other cities. Be creative in renovating your boutique with new décor from time to time to give it a stunning look. The best part is that you can give makeovers to your staff too (because employees too should be treated well). It is a free game on Google Play and Apple Store.

Put your creativity to work by downloading these games! Be the leader of the scoreboard and boost your gaming skills.

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