6 Underrated Indian YouTubers You’ve Got to Follow

With the mushrooming of so many mainstream YouTubers today, many underrated YouTube talents are missing the recognition they deserve. Get to know who the most underrated Indian YouTubers in the online world are.

From SANAM to BB Ki Vines, most YouTubers these days are showing off their creative skills with the help of social media. Once you hit it off by garnering a good number of views, people recognize you and spread the word about you. That’s how mainstream Indian YouTube channels like AIB and TVF took off. Apart from these mainstream YouTubers, however, there are so many new and talented YouTubers that have emerged, many whom are missing out on the recognition they deserve. Here are some of the most underrated Indian YouTubers that you should follow for their creativity, extraordinary content and talent:

  1. Be YouNick


A YouTube channel dedicated to satire, Be YouNick is the perfect channel to look for if you are having a sad day. Each of the channel’s videos has a different concept, with a new storyline. This is what makes the channel “YouNick” (pun intended!). Started in 2014 by Nikunj Lotia, who is also known as Nick, the videos are amusing, especially his “Men Will Be Men” series. Nick’s poker face in the midst of the most awkward situations will leave you in splits. His YouTube channel now has a whopping1,742,885 subscribers.

Link: Be YouNick

  1. Satya Show


If you are a fan of political satire, then Satya Show is for you. Watch Satya talk about various societal issues as he describes serious situations in the country with such humour and insight that it leaves you aching in the tummy from laughter. In one of his videos, he talks about the CBSE results. His manner of discussing the topic is both motivational and funny to watch. For people dodging threats of mummy ki maar (mom’s beating) because of marks, this video is for you! Handling the channel all by himself, Satya’s mono-acting skills are the best part about the channel–he acts out various characters while discussing each issue. The Satya Show channel has 178,938 subscribers.

Link: Satya Show

  1. Indian Booktuber


While you’re obviously familiar with the term ‘YouTuber’, have you ever heard of the term ‘Booktuber’? That’s right, Manpreet Kaur is a Booktuber who reviews book on her channel Indian Booktuber! The Bathinda-based YouTuber has dedicated her channel to books, reviewing every kind of book, be it fictional or nonfictional. Apart from book reviews, there are giveaways. She also talks about the books that she is reading, and the books her followers would like her to read, in her vlogs. Her channel has garnered 11,061 subscribers so far.

Link: Indian Booktuber

  1. Mad Ladakhi


She is funny, sweet, funny, crazy and did I mention funny? Meet Deachan Angmo who is entertaining the masses with her hilarious videos representing the Ladakhi community. Most of Deachan’s videos are related to the life of college students. At times, she posts vlogs of her day to day life, which college students find highly endearing. In one vlog, she is seen to be paragliding in Bir Bilingwhile holding a placard that says “I love you, Ranveer Singh”. This young and upcoming YouTube star has garnered 782 subscribers on her YouTube channel so far.

Link: Mad Ladakhi

  1. Fiddlecraft


Fiddlecraft, an Indie-pop band, composes songs about life, with each of its song having a deep meaning. Fiddlecraftconsists of 5 members –Gaurav Kadu (Vocalist/Guitar), Akshay More (Lead Guitarist), Saif Ali (Drums/Percussionist), Lawrence Godad (Bassist) and Sudeep Shetty (Manager). The stunning cinematography and impactful direction of their music videos is a plus point that makes their YouTube channel a must-follow. Currently, Fiddlecraft has 1,690 subscribers on their YouTube channel.

Link: Fiddlecraft

  1.  Desi Trailers


Inspired by Screen Junkies (the channel that became famous for giving honest reviews of Hollywood trailers), the channel Desi Trailers dishes out honest opinions about Bollywood movies and their trailers. The brutally honest comments and reviews will make you laugh as well as agree! The channel has 16,856 subscribers.

Link: Desi Trailers

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