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JITO Games was promoted to strengthen the bonds of all sections of the Jain community and to inculcate the spirit of sports in Jain youth. To promote the objectives of JITO Games and to connect Jain youth from across the… Board Games at Friendship Cafe

A board game is a tabletop game that involves counters or pieces moved or placed on a pre-marked surface or “board”, according to a set of rules. Some games are based on pure strategy, but may contain an element of… “International Board Games Night” @ Java+

“International Board Games Night” at Java+, Courtyard by Marriott, Ahmedabad. International Board Games Night to be conducted by the BOARDGAMECO. Where games like Loot, Zany Penguins, Splendor, Century etc will be played by the Patrons. Book Review with Janvi Sonaiya | Sacred Games

What’s new you ask!? A Book Review Meetup we say! Books are the most valuable asset for all the bibliophiles and so this meetup’s entry is FOR FREE.! Books have always been the best friend of humans after dogs.! Every… Breakout – Escape Games

About Company: Breakout® is India’s premier Escape Game provider with a first and only one-of-its-kind “Movie based Experience” in which teams come together to embark on an exciting adventure of mystery solving.   About Event: Ever imagined donning the hat of… Escape Games at Breakout

Ever imagined donning the hat of your favorite character Sherlock Holmes to crack a M**der case? Have you desired to be tagged as a ‘Real Hero’ by being part of a rescue mission? Or did you yearn for a chance…