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Aarambh – Art Exhibition Brushstroke Art Studio 2023 Inauguration by Vijay Shrimali (Eminent Artist) Join us celebrating creativity and vision at our upcoming art exhibition. Your presence will illuminate the gallery Pidi Art

Pidi Art – Art that comes from the heart You are cordially invited to an exquisite art exhibition at one of Ahmedabad’s most renowned art galleries. Photo Art Stories Exhibition

Come and celebrate the power of photography in capturing the stories that unite humanity! Join the All India Photography Competition and witness the incredible impact of this art form. We are honored to have Dr. Anil Sinha, Director of the… Artist Spotlight

The Iram Learning Initiative aims to offer access to high quality information via top academics, and industry professionals to a large demographic interested in learning about art, design, and other corresponding fields. Its vision is to foster a learning environment…