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Imagine life is like a big puzzle, and the most important piece of that puzzle is right now, this moment. Picture this moment as a special door that, when you open it, helps you understand life better. This door is… Kommune Presents Screenwriting Bootcamp With Satyanshu Singh

Do you dream of becoming a professional screenwriter? Are you looking to turn your idea into a film/tv series? Then this crash course is perfect for you. The screenwriting crash course consists of 5 sessions: 3 writing workshops, one peer-feedback… Online Acting Masterclasses by Atul Satya Koushik

Celebrated playwright, director, producer, and actors’ trainer Atul Satya Koushik launches three masterclasses especially designed for working actors. These are three stand-alone sessions and you can opt for one, two, or all the three sessions based on your interest. Here… Mara Asatya na Prayogo

Living in Ahmedabad, our ‘Ranglo’ (narrator) uses his satire to unearth the fact that in our country today, life is more comfortable and peaceful under the blanket of a lie. FOr example, if a man claims to be honest, you…