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Originating on the banks of the Ganges river, Kathak is the art of storytelling through dance. In this workshop, Vaishali Trivedi will lead you through the basic elements of Kathak by combining abstract and narrative movements depicting mythology, footwork, pirouettes, simple and… Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean is widely regarded and one of India’s foremost bands. They have been around for over two decades, and have earned a cult following with their unique sound. Some critics describe Indian Ocean’s music as an amalgamation of Contemporary… Ahmedabad Art Weekly #138

Ahmedabad Art Weekly is a curated calendar that every week brings you Ahmedabad’s most enchanting and engaging events. This week we have featured life-sized as well as enriching art exhibitions, extremely funny stand up comedy shows, a fresh photography exhibition,… Om Dar B Dar at L.D. Institute of Indology

A SPECIAL SCREENING FOLLOWED BY AN INFORMAL CHAT WITH THE DIRECTOR! The adventures of a schoolboy named Om along with his family, set in Ajmer and Pushkar, employing a nonlinear narrative and an absurdist storyline to satire mythology, arts, politics… Stories At Sunset with Vikram Sridhar

The late evening Oral storytelling session for adults by Vikram Sridhar will explore stories from People (folk) tales inspired folklore, mythology, politics, nature, etc. over an hour. Limited to 25 people, the event’s stories will bring in emotions of love,…