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‘Paraspar’ is a monthly talk series, in which practitioners from fields of literature, journalism, films, television, theatre, arts, photography, web etc share their experiences and influences. In the second talk of the season eminent photographer Vivek Desai shall talk about… A-Shudh Gujarati Manan Desai

A-Shudh Gujarati Manan Desai This is not the average Gujarati Stand Up Comedy Show. This is not a Stereotype Gujarati Show. This is as real as it gets. As brutal as possible. Watch Manan deconstruct the Gujarati Culture, Language, History… Dhaad – play by Aditi Desai featuring RJ Devaki

From Jashwant Thakar Memorial Foundation, one of India’s leading theatre production houses and award-winning director Aditi Desai (Kasturba, Akoopar, Agnikanya and Samudra Manthan), comes an exciting new theatre production, Dhaad. Set in the dangerous desert sands of Kutch region, where…