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You cross the seas in one leap of faith You scream for it in all your haze What do you look for? Who do you call? Isn’t what you are looking for there within? We at Sanjukta Sinha Dance Company… Webinar on Indian Snakes: An Introduction

Greetings from Sundarvan, Ahmedabad.! Sundarvan – A Nature Discovery Centre is organizing a webinar session on “Indian Snakes: An Introduction”, sponsored by the Waghbakri Tea group.   Kindly find the Poster of the same in the attachment. The topics such… Things to do in Ahmedabad : Find out in Art weekly #236

Recent researches have found that November is the best time of the year to express love. And some of the loveliest places in the city right now are destinations where exciting performances and exhibitions are happening. So, share your love… Bheetar Baahar and Ubha Vitewari

Bheetar Baahar Exploring the fluid boundaries between inner and outer space A breath-led improvisation in a space resonating with Kabir’s words, the drone of the tambura, the pulse of the kanjira, voice and movement. A journey with Kabir “the body…