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We have always believed in doing something different every time. Join us the last Sunday of June for a completely new venture with this great personality. Author M P Sinha is joining us in Ahmedabad for a wonderful book reading… Art Exhibition by Shashank Kumar Sinha

SPKS presents first solo exhibition of paintings by Shashank Kumar Sinha everyday from 13th to 15th October, 2018 at Gallery B1 of Ravishankar Ravalkala Bhavan from 12:00pm to 07:00 pm. About Organizer: Shashank Kumar Sinha is an Artist/Painter. He draws…

08 The Ghats of Varanasi

The ghats of Varanasi and their buildings are the most famous skyline of India marking the threshold to the holy Ganga from the narrow lanes of the old city. Amita Sinha will take us on a virtual walk on the… Things to do in Ahmedabad : Find out in Art weekly #251

Hello, yatris! As we fast approach towards Women’s Day, the team of Creative Yatra would like to wish all the women and we hope you enjoy this day to your fullest. And we suggest all the men to take their… Bheetar Baahar and Ubha Vitewari

Bheetar Baahar Exploring the fluid boundaries between inner and outer space A breath-led improvisation in a space resonating with Kabir’s words, the drone of the tambura, the pulse of the kanjira, voice and movement. A journey with Kabir “the body…