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Navroze Contractor studied in Ahmedabad at Shreyas High School. He obtained a BA (Fine Arts) degree in painting and photography at the Faculty of Fine Arts, M. S. University of Baroda. His interest in cinema took him to the Film… Meet The Actors – Nazneen Contractor & Carlo Rota

We cordially invite all friends interested in conversation with duo working in Hollywood. Both Nazneen Contractor and Carlo Rota have extensive filmography behind them. Nazneen Contractor has her roots in Ahmedabad. She studied acting in Canada and has been in… Things to do in Ahmedabad this week: Find out in Art Weekly #214

Radio as a medium is seeing consistent growth and hence the career opportunities with it are increasing; and thus MY FM’s Archana Jani, Radio City’s Smit Pandya and Top FM’s Chirag Tripathi are coming together to discuss more on the same topic.… Things to do in Ahmedabad this week: Find out in Art Weekly #202

There is so much happening in the city of Ahmedabad these days. Ahmedabad’s National Institute of Design gets a new director in Prof. Praveen Nahar. The district administration of Ahmedabad followed suit, just like Surat and Rajkot and banned PUBG. While…