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Alakh is a venerably aligned traditional & folk musical event. It spurs an idea of bringing young performing artists to young audiences! By unfolding sparing efforts of young performing artists, Alakh is getting the young audience interested in traditional music… Grand Musical Concert Featuring Anwesha

Prayas is a sociocultural initiative by enthusiastic & like-minded individuals from Ahmedabad, who share a common interest in conducting cultural, welfare & fundraising initiatives for various causes. Open Mic Night Poetry & Music

OPEN MIC NIGHT Poetry & Music Have you ever been told to keep quiet and not speak your mind? Now is the time to break all the fear and shackles and speak your mind. Performing so gracefully so that the… The Enlighten – A Rock Music Night

The Englighten band is coming with their own solo show at cheesebox studios, expect a night of rock soft rock and a few originals at this once in a lifetime show! Show featuers english songs. Vijali – The Musical

130 years ago on the 8th of November 1888, on a stormy late night, 25 km from Saurashtra’s Mangrol port, ‘The unsinkable’ steamer namely Vijali sank with so many people! For years, we have been celebrating the exciting adventurous legends… Classical Evening: Banjara Music Unf. 2.0

Banjara Music Unfiltered Ch 02 – The Classical Affair, exclusively for Ahmedabad`s classical connoisseurs. Samarth Jaanve and his group will showcase Indian traditional and classical music, creating a unique and unforgettable celebration. Sudhesh Bhosale – Live Music Concert

Sudesh Bhosale is an Indian playback singer who primarily sings for Bollywood films. Bhosale is known for his ability to mimic actor Amitabh Bachchan, having sung for him in various films. Vijali – The Musical Ahmedabad

Adaptation & Dialogues: Raam Mori Director: Abhinay Banker Producer: Abhinay Banker Script Conception: Devaki Cast: Aditya Gadhvi, Mayur Chauhan aka Michael, Sohni Bhatt, Riddhi Yadav, Priti Bhatt, Aniket Parmar, Anuja Purohit, Jay Odedra, Aman Kothari, Chaitali Tapkire, Suryanshi Shah, Jaydev…