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The Iram Learning Initiative aims to offer access to high quality information via top academics, and industry professionals to a large demographic interested in learning about art, design, and other corresponding fields. Its vision is to foster a learning environment… Artist Open Studio

Artist Open Studio with Vruddhi Patel Gallery ra presents A week long display of Artist’s process, ongoing and past works.   Source: Facebook Unkahe Lafz by Limelight Artists Club

Unkahe Lafz by Limelight Artists Club Note: If performer registration will be full then you won’t get the slot. You will get priority in next open mic. Unkahe Lafz is a Poetry and Storytelling Open Mic organized by Limelight Artists… Pattachitra Paintings by Bengal Artists

Come learn and experience the art form of Pattachitra from Bengal at 079|STORIES while listening to the artists sing along as you create your Pattachitra!!! The word Pattachitra comes from the Sanskrit word, Patta, which means a piece of cloth,…