Reviews Book Review of Muskaan Shah's 'Home in the Hill' by teen author Vishwesh Desai

  Most of us have an enormous repertoire of memories about growing up with our grandparents and extended family. No matter what the length of time you have spent with your grandparents and cousins, the very thought of them is enough to bring a smile to your face – that is, when you’re not pulling your hair out in sheer exasperation! Muskaan Shah’s collection of short stories, “Home in the Hill,” brings together ten short stories about the delightful relationship between a little girl and her grandmother, inspired by her own experiences with her grandmothers. She crafts an idyllic world, replete with the titular house in the hills, an annoying-yet-adorable neighbour, and a whole host of cousins and friends, taking the readers along for the adventures of this cast. The stories are simple, uncomplicated and speak of a time left behind – one of unadulterated sweetness sprinkled with memorable relationships. Although the characters are largely based on the author’s family, one can’t help but notice some resemblances to the famous cousins in Enid Blyton’s books. Dog included. Shah has woven her memories into a vast array of stories such as surprising her grandmother on her birthday but getting the recipe… The Last Supper: An apt Expression of Cross Cultures

The Last Supper is a famous Biblical episode described in the Gospels which depicts the last meal taken by Christ with 12 of his apostles before his crucifixion. The episode details the interaction all of them had. A moving point of the interaction is provided by Christ when he prophesies that one of the 12… Ahmedabad is home to India's newest auction house - Cramoisi Art

The art scene continues to be exciting in Ahmedabad with newer and newer things happening to it with a certain regularity. After the mega annual art shows with the competitive dimension and attractive prize money thrown in, managed successfully by three enterprising women curators, opening of a classy art gallery by Archer and the multimodal…

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    It’s a double bonanza for Delhi-based Gujarati artist Madhvi Parekh as she visits Ahmedabad this season! Even as her show The Last Supper started at The Gujarat Theosophical Society’s IP Mission Chapel only on Sunday, a Retrospective on her creative journey also began at none other place than the new Archer Art Gallery in Ahmedabad. Nothing could perhaps be more fulfilling for an artist than to find two most willing hosts to raise two outstanding shows for her concurrently in the same city! The retrospective show titled The Curious Seeker also comes as part of a promise held out by the Archer when it launched the facility in August of 2018; which was to offer to Amdavadi art buffs shows that would be a class apart and about invited artists…

  • 'Alchemy' at KL Museum gives form to the colour Indigo

    ‘Alchemy’ is a precursor to the Arvind Indigo Museum that will soon come up at Arvind Mill’s Naroda campus in Ahmedabad. Alchemy is the newest exhibition in Ahmedabad, but it showcases not just some artworks – it also gives a beautifully pieced together overview of the coloured product that is indigo – the unique blue that’s better…


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